Kirkenes Penisula

Welcome to Kirkenes Peninsula, a gem extending into Bøkfjorden, inviting adventurous visitors to explore its beautiful trails and hiking opportunities, even without a car. Take the time to discover the area around Kirkenes and relish in the scenic beauty.

A fantastic route begins at Grenselandmuseum, where you can delve into the history and culture of the region. Continue up the mountain road and discover the delightful hiking terrain that awaits. A highlight is “Fjellvannet,” a beautiful lake with a facilitated beach. During the summer, you can cool off with a refreshing dip in the clear water while enjoying the breathtaking views.

We strongly recommend two specific tours:

  1. Pearl Tour No. 179 to Appelsinstein: This tour takes you through beautiful landscapes, providing the opportunity to discover Appelsinstein, a place rich in history and natural beauty. Remember to bring your camera to capture the unique moments.

  2. Hike on Prestøya: Explore Prestøya on foot and savor the tranquility and nature on this idyllic island. The hike offers you a chance to get closer to the local nature and culture.

Kirkenes is the center of the Sør-Varanger municipality, where you can discover a variety of restaurants, hotels, cinemas, and other facilities. Explore the local gastronomic offerings, find comfortable accommodations, and enjoy entertainment at the cinema. Kirkenes is not only a scenic paradise but also a vibrant hub for cultural experiences.

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