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The Taste of

In Kirkenes you can experience an unique assambly of dishes that is harvestet locally – some you can even harvest yourself! Here you can taste the famous King Crab, Reindeer, Arctic Charr, wild berries, Cheese, Moose, Pike, and then some. Here you can read about what, where and how you can get the tastiest experience in Kirkenes!

King Crab

Due to its popularity amongst the locals, it is not uncommon to be served King Crab at parties in Kirkenes. It can be served in

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Reindeer meat, or Venison, is very popular amongst the population in Finnmark County, and they eat it all year round. Reindeer can be served as

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Arctic Charr

Arctic charr was among the first freshwater fish that immigrated to Norway after the last ice age. Today the Charr is all over northern Norway,

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