Visit Bugøynes

Where you can lose your mind and find your soul!

Bugøynes(Pykeijä) is a small fishing village located in northern Norway by the gleaming shores of Varangerfjord. The charming village is a very small place, stretched onto a neck of land surrounded by the sea. The village is known for its fascinating history since it was established by Finnish settlers in the 1800s. This is the reason why the village is also called Little Finland (Pikku-Suomi), or by its Finnish name Pykeijä. It is also known for its king crab and sauna culture. The best thing about the village is its small size and surrounding arctic nature. Enjoy a sauna and bathe in the Arctic Ocean, join a king crab safari, hike on the trails surrounding Bugøynes, rent a boat and go fishing, pick seashells and explore. 

Enjoy the peacefulness, breathe in the fresh sea air and just relax. Our little village will take care of the rest. 

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