Welcome to Kirkenes

Welcome to Kirkenes, a fascinating Arctic destination situated at 69° north, in the northern part of Norway. Kirkenes offers a unique blend of pristine nature and a rich cultural heritage waiting to be explored.

Discover a city that seamlessly merges modern lifestyle with authentic Arctic traditions. Kirkenes is a crucial hub for transportation, knowledge, and thrilling Arctic experiences. Here, the Sami, Kven, and Norwegians live in harmony, sharing their rich cultural heritage.

Just minutes from the city center, you can experience an unparalleled stillness and silence found only in this part of the world. Kirkenes is also renowned for being an excellent place to witness the magical Northern Lights, especially from September to March. Don’t miss the Polar Nights, which last from late November to mid-January, or the endless summer nights under the Midnight Sun from mid-May to late July.

Explore the majestic Arctic nature, enjoy exciting activities, and immerse yourself in our Arctic way of life, where nature and culture coexist harmoniously.

Kirkenes is also famous for its delicious king crab. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste this delicacy while in Kirkenes.

Welcome to Kirkenes, where your Arctic adventure awaits!

How to get to Kirkenes

Located in northeastern Norway, is a captivating town renowned for its Arctic landscapes and cultural heritage. Here are some ways to reach Kirkenes:

  1. By Air: Kirkenes Høybuktmoen Airport (KKN) offers regular flights from major Norwegian cities like Oslo, Tromsø, and Bergen. International travelers can find connecting flights through Oslo.
  2. By Train and Ferry: Take the scenic Nordlandsbanen from Oslo or Trondheim to Bodø, then catch travel with Hurtigruten or Havila to Kirkenes. This option showcases Norway’s coastal landscapes.
  3. By Road: Kirkenes is accessible via the E6 highway, connecting it to major Norwegian cities. You can drive from cities like Tromsø, Alta, or even Oslo. Note that winter road conditions can be challenging, so check reports before traveling.
  4. By Sea: Embark on the famous Hurtigruten or Havila coastal voyage, which includes Kirkenes as its final port of call on the northbound journey from Bergen.
  5. Via Finland: Travel to Kirkenes via Finland by flying to Ivalo Airport (IVL) or Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) in Finland. From there, you can continue your journey by car, bus, or taxi, crossing the border into Norway.

Prepare for a remarkable adventure as you journey to Kirkenes and immerse yourself in the Arctic wonders that await you.

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Welcome to Kirkenes – a border town in Northern Norway!

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Visit  Kirkenes Region
We're thrilled to have been part of the grand openinVaranger Bryggerygge new service building! 🎉 This fantastic addition includes a state-of-the-art kitchen, a charming dock, a welcoming reception area, and even a dedicated filleting room for showcasing the incredible local cuisine. 🍽️✨At Varanger Brygge, you can now experience the true essence of our region – from the freshest catch to the warmest hospitality. Join us in celebrating this milestone and come explore the unique flavors of Kirkenes Region! See MoreSee Less
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Vi oppfordrer alle å ta julehandelen i julebyen Kirkenes. Søndagsåpent 14.00 til 17.00. Velkommen See MoreSee Less
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