The Kicksled – worlds cleanest vehicle

The Norwegian “spark” (the kicksled) is a small sled with steel runners, usually designed as a chair with handles. The kicksled moves on hard-packed snow by kicking off with your foot, just like a scooter. The kicksled is excellent for carrying a passenger or small cargo on the seat made of wood. You can get up at 15-20 km per hour in flat terrain and much more downhill.
The kicksled have a solid place in Norwegian cultural history. It is not just a toy, but just as much a practical means for transport to most people in the winter. Both young and old can use the kicksled without any special training. You can control your own speed, and you get good traction on what can often be an overly slippery foundation to walk on. But the kickled doesn’t like sand and asphalt, it can only be used on snow. In Kirkenes you can rent your own kicksled at the tourist office or with a local activity provider.



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