Mine Pond-hockey

Nothing can stop these local guys from pursuing their passion, ice hockey. Not even the lack of indoor ice rink.

“The Kirkenes Puckers” is the city’s local ice hockey team and they have new and creative ways of enjoying to the sport they love. One day in 2017 one of the players discovered that it was ice in the local quarry. It was way too tempting to leave it untouched. But before this secluded ice surface could be used, they had to mobilize. The ice had to be cleared of snow before it was ready to play on. And there was also a big question to be answered. The Sydvaranger mine were the city’s former cornerstone company which went bankrupt in 2015. How would it feel to play icehockey where almost 400 employees had lost their jobs a couple of years earlier? Watch the film about the spectacular experience the local hockey team got under!


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wXFjDEnu1w[/embedyt]

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