Here comes the sun!

January 15. every year, the sun returns to Kirkenes after a long period of winter darkness. There are many who look forward to the official “Sun day”, which is often marked with “solboller” (deep fried bun with sugar) and cocoa combined with a trip to see the sun in a well-suited place. January is a cold period in Kirkenes, and by 2018 the temperature dropped to -33 degrees when the school children at Sandnes School were on this year’s sun excursion. That by no means stopped them. The children in Kirkenes know how to dress warm and have a lifetime experience with cold and snow. In Finnmark, the sun is under the horizon for almost two months. During that period, the lights are usually in the form of beautiful colors on the horizon and northern lights in the sky at night. But when the sun is back, all the hearts rejoice and let the light take more and more of the day back.


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