In the early 1900s Sør-Varanger was an industrial society where the mining company was the driver for both business development and social development. Most of the 1900s the society was based on the iron ore that was extracted in Bjørnevatn’s mines, which today also characterizes society even though the mining operation is now discontinued. Tourism is today a growth industry in Kirkenes. The tourism companies and the municipality have joined forces to create a sustainable development that we hope can give our visitors an equally good experience in a hundred years as we believe we can give today.

Kirkenes has set itself the goal of achieving the status of “Sustainable destination” by the end of 2020.

Today you will find the following companies that have Sustainability certification in Kirkenes


Thon Hotel Kirkenes                      Miljøfyrtårn

Scandic Hotel Kirkenes                 Svanemerket

Svanhovd Conference Center         Miljøfyrtårn

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