Do you dream of feeling alive and rejuvenated? Then you shouldn’t miss our unforgettable sauna experience at Barentshavet and Varangerfjorden in Bugøynes. This is an experience you truly won’t want to miss!

First, you can feel the refreshing waters of Barentshavet surround you before quickly retreating to the warmth of our wood-heated saunas. Let the warm steam embrace your body and feel the stress and worries melt away.

Visit the charming village of Bugøynes, beautifully situated by Varangerfjorden. Here, you can bathe in the soothing, cool waters that surround the village and fill yourself with tranquility and harmony.

Whether you come alone, with family, or friends, we will ensure that you have a truly special experience. Our sauna area also offers spacious changing rooms for both girls and boys, providing everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing time here.

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