Husky mountain hike (KS41)

Available: 20.05 – 15.10
13:00 – 15:00
every day min 2 persons

included guide, transport from Thon or Scandic Hotel

We will pick you up from your hotel in Kirkenes, and take you to the Snowhotel Kirkenes summer camp in the idyllic Sandnesdalen, by the mountains and fjords of northern Norway. Enjoy arctic summer life and meet our 4 reindeer, and feed them with their favorite food – tundra lichen. Visit our husky farm and meet our 180 friendly huskies and adorable puppies.
When you have found a fourlegged friend in our dogyard, we are ready for a Husky Mountain hike in the mountain ranges above the Snowhotel Kirkenes camp. The terrain is easy, and not to steep, so this is an excursion suitable to all. If you should get tired, your strong husky are more than willing to give you a pull!
At the top of the mountain plateau we rest, and admire the breathtaking view. We build a fire at the campsite, by the remains of a world war 2 plane, and grill reindeer sausages – northern Norwegian touring style.
Make new friends you will never forget

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