Boat Rental in Bugøynes!

Explore the fantastic fishing opportunities in the scenic Varangerfjorden! With its rich ecosystem and diverse marine life, the fjord is a paradise for sports fishermen and nature enthusiasts.

Varangerfjorden is known for its diverse fishing and wide range of fish species, such as cod, halibut, haddock, pollock, monkfish, whiting, and various types of flatfish. Whether you are an experienced sports fisherman or a beginner, you will find challenges and excitement in fishing in Varangerfjorden.

For those who want to try their hand at deep-sea fishing, Varangerfjorden is an ideal location. Here, you can experience the thrill of fishing in deep waters where large species like halibut and tusk can be caught. The local boat rental and fishing tour operators can guide you and provide insights into the best fishing spots and the optimal times for the biggest catches.

Varangerfjorden is not just a paradise for sports fishermen but also for those who want to experience the spectacular nature and unique wildlife. While out on the fjord, you may have the chance to observe majestic sea eagles soaring above you, as well as other seabirds and maybe even curious seals popping up.

Whether you are an avid sports fisherman or simply want to experience the incredible nature, Varangerfjorden offers a range of opportunities. Join a fishing tour or rent a boat to explore the fjord on your own, and experience the excitement and tranquility that a boat trip in this unique area can provide.

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