Daytrip to Bugøynes from Kirkenes

Experience a day filled with adventure and scenic beauty with an unforgettable journey from Kirkenes to Bugøynes, where you’ll participate in a unique king crab safari and enjoy the luxurious warmth of a sauna right by the Barents Sea, topped off with a delicious seafood meal directly from the sea.

Your adventure starts with a drive along the beautiful coastline of Northern Norway, where you’ll pass idyllic villages and experience the majestic landscape up close. Upon arriving in Bugøynes, Visit Bugøynes will take you out to sea in sturdy RIB boats to experience the Norwegian king crab, one of Northern Norway’s most important export products. You will learn about the crab’s biology, the history of Bugøynes, and the wartime history of the Varangerfjord, and you’ll get to try handling the crabs before they end up as part of your meal. After the safari, sea clothing is swapped for sauna gear for a relaxing time in the Barents Sauna Camp, where the warmth from the sauna and the cool saltwater of the Barents Sea provide a refreshing and invigorating experience. The day concludes with a meal of the same king crabs you’ve gotten acquainted with, served in a cozy atmosphere with homemade bread and fresh accompaniments. You’ll also have time to explore the picturesque village of Bugøynes, which has preserved its beauty and history through generations. Please note that the tour is adjusted to weather conditions to ensure a safe and memorable experience. Bring swimwear for the sauna visit; if necessary, Visit Bugøynes offers rental of both swimwear and towels. This tour is a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into the culture and nature of Northern Norway and create memories that last a lifetime.

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