General Information

You can register your address to get a postcard from our city. Visit Kirkenes will only use this information to send you the postcard. Hope to see you soon!

Safety and healthcare

A new hospital will open in Kirkenes in the spring of 2018.The hospital has emergency services, and is the local hospital for East Finnmark. The air

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By air

Kirkenes Airport is situated 15 km west of the town centre on the E6. There are daily flights from Kirkenes to/from Oslo, Tromsø and regional

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By bus

There are daily bus services to/from Russia and destinations in Finnmark County. There are bus services to/from Pasvik and Bugøynes on weekdays. There are weekly

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By car

Kirkenes is the start/end of the E105 highway (Yalta (Crimea) – Moscow – St. Petersburg – Murmansk – Kirkenes) Kirkenes is the start/end of the

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