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  • Weather forecast for Kirkenes click here
  • The Midnight Sun shines in Kirkenes is from 17 May to 21 July.
  • The Polar Night season in Kirkenes is from 21 November to 21 January.
  • Compared with other costal destinations in Norway, Kirkenes has a dry climate with low precipitation year-round.
  • The cold and clear winter weather makes Kirkenes one of the best destinations for Northern Lights observations (from late August to late March)
  • The average temperature in July is 10 ° C, while the average temperature in January is -13 ° C
  • We can guarantee snow from Nov / Dec to April. It is also the season for winter excursions such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, etc.
  • The summer is short and beautiful and lasts from June to Sep (it is also the season for summer excursions such as boat trips, hiking, etc.)
  • Late summer and autumn are very beautiful in Finnmark with their spectacular colors (Aug / Sep)


  • The municipality is important from a geological perspective as the place in Norway with the oldest bedrock (approx. 2.8 billion years old).
  • The area around Kirkenes has Norway’s largest brown bear population with around 40 individuals registered (2015).
  • In Pasvikdalen you will find Øvre Pasvik National Park which is ideal for hiking and paddling. The park consists of old pine primeval forest. The Visitor centre Svanhovd is located in Svanvik (45 km south of Kirkenes).
  • In the municipality you will find a rich wildlife with moose, lynx, fox and over 200 different bird species
  • The landscape is ideal for hiking and the highest mountain in the municipality is Gáranasčohkka west of the Bugøyfjord. The mountain reaches 497 meters above sea level.


  • Kirkenes is located by the fjord Bøkfjord which is a side arm of the large Varangerfjord
  • Kirkenes is located at 70.30 degrees north, and is as far east as Istanbul and Cairo. The municipality is the only one in the country that has a border with Russia. The border is 196 kilometers long and Storskog is the official border crossing point.
  •  Kirkenes is the capital of Sør-Varanger municipality. The municipality has around 10,000 inhabitants while the town of Kirkenes with Hesseng, Sandnes and Bjørnevatn has around 6,500 inhabitants
  • Kirkenes has a very good infrastructure with schools, hospitals, medical center, dentists, cinema, theater, music school and a big variety of shops, cafes and restaurants
  • The airport in the municipality is located on Høybuktmoen and is only 12 km from Kirkenes (there is an airport bus to the city)


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