Borderland Museum

At the Borderland Museum one can explore theme exhibitions connected to local history. We present the history of the settlement and development of the region, from its origin as a common territory between Russia, Finland and Norway, to a Norwegian border municipality with a complex culture. We also document the industrial history of the firm A/S Sydvaranger, the mining company that, through the extraction of iron ore from open pit mines, led the local development from a traditional, self-sufficient community into a centre of industry. The Museum’s war exhibition contains, among other things the Russian fighter plane Ilyushin; and presents the war history of Kirkenes and the border regions. During the Second World War, Fortress Kirkenes was the main base for the German forces, and the city became a target for allied bombers.


In the Espolin Conference Room at Borderland Museum, a selection of drawings and prints with motifs from Finnmark are exhibited, the work of Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-1994). The museum has a large photo collection, and selected motifs can be viewed throughout the different exhibitions. Among these are photographs taken by the committed social commentator and doctor’s wife, Ellisif Wessel (1866-1949). Online, the museum has an exhibition presenting the history and life along the border river in Pasvik called Borderless water – one river, three states:

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