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We remain small to deliver the great experiences

Personal – Honest – Professional

Our office is located in Kirkenes, Norway, but we work across borders both in Russia and Finland.
We are experts on local excursions. Our 6 employees speak Norwegian, English, German and Russian. In addition, 15 experienced guides with local knowledge work for us. A tour with Pasvikturist will give you the most personal experience you can get in Kirkenes.

Our philosophy – We know how to escape

The key to successful travel is by far the effort behind it. To ensure the most memorable adventures for our guests, no details are left untouched. That is why we’ve decided to remain small, efficient and focused. Exploring is what you make of it, but you’ll need a professional hand to make it happen.
Our employees are in long-term positions and have lived here for many years.

We cooperate closely with local suppliers and small family businesses. Our office is centrally located and easily accessible and whatever we do, we use locally!

We are committed to sustainable tourism and use only local.
Pasvikturist is owned 100% local.

We offer

  • Excursions in Kirkenes and surroundings all year round
  • Tours to Russia
  • Tours to Finland
  • Transportation
  • Guiding
  • Accommodation and tour packages

How to book?

You can find all our activities online. Please book on our web:
Or send us an email:

Where to find us?

Pasvikturists office is located in the center of Kirkenes, in the main shopping street.

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