Mining, wwii & boarders

History of Kirkenes

Kirkenes was one of the most bombed places in Europe during World War II with at least 320 devastating Soviet raids.



Bugøynes is a beautiful fishing village situated approx. 100 km west of Kirkenes. As the village was not burnt by the Germans during World War

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The Pasvik Valley

Close to the borders of Norway, Russia and Finland, the Pasvik Valley (Pasvikdalen) stretches from Kirkenes in the north to the Three-country cairn (Treriksrøysa) in

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Neiden is a fascinating small village situated near the Finnish border approx. 45 km from Kirkenes. The people in Neiden have their history and origin from

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Grense Jakobselv

If you want to visit the world’s end during your visit to Kirkenes then Grense Jakobselv is the place to go. The narrow river Jakobselv

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Things people actually do in the arctic
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