Take care of Kirkenes

Welcome to us. Our biggest and most important treasure is nature. Here you can breathe in clean air, drink the world’s best spring water either straight from the water tap or from a crystal clear river. We must take care of this treasure and therefore we want to convey guidelines to you who visit us:

  • Do not leave anything in nature: take away your rubbish and use toilet facilities
  • Do not leave traces in nature: always use marked paths, use existing campfire sites (remember that lighting fires in nature areas is not allowed from April 15 to September 15)

  • Respect wildlife and plant life

  • Use locally: what you can buy on the spot, buy it on the spot. Use local guides when traveling

  • Show respect for locals and other hikers. It is quite common to greet each other in nature. Remember that silence is part of the experience. If you take pictures of people around please ask them if it’s ok

  • There are special rules in Pasvikdalen and in the Upper Pasvik National Park. For example, it is not allowed to light a fire with fallen wood. More info: https://www.norgesnasjonalparker.no/nasjonalparker/ovre-pasvik/

  • In both border rivers (Pasvikelva and Grense Jakobselva) there are special rules and restrictions for fishing. For more info: https://www.politiet.no/en/services/norwegian-russian-border/fishing-and-movement-on-rivers-and-lakes-near-the-border/

    We care and hope you care too. Feel free to share your experiences. Use #visitkirkenes #kirkenesgoesgreen
    You can find us on both Facebook and Instagram. Have a great time in Kirkenes!

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