Climate and nature

  • The Midnight Sun shines in Kirkenes is from 17 May to 21 July.
  • The Polar Night season in Kirkenes is from 21 November to 21 January.
  • Compared with other costal destinations in Norway, Kirkenes has a dry climate with low precipitation year-round.
  • The municipality is important from a geological perspective as the place in Norway with the oldest bedrock (approx. 2.8 billion years old).
  • The area around Kirkenes has Norway’s largest brown bear population with around 40 individuals registered (2015).
  • The average temperature in July is 10 °C, while the average temperature in January is -13 °C.
  • The record low temperature in Kirkenes is -42 °C, while the record high is 30.3 °C.
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