Grense Jakobselv

If you want to visit the world’s end during your visit to Kirkenes then Grense Jakobselv is the place to go. The narrow river Jakobselv marks the border between Norway and Russia. When you reach the end of the road, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the mighty Barents Sea with beautiful beaches and coastal rocks.

This is a popular tourist spot during the summer months, and is a perfect place to experience the Midnight Sun.

Grense Jakobselv no longer has a permanent population. In the wintertime, the final 25 km of the road is closed and the only way to reach Grense Jakobselv is by snowmobile.


King Oscar II’s Chapel

This stone church located adjacent to the Russian border was built by the Norwegian/Danish King Oscar II in 1869 to reinforce Norway’s territorial claim to the area.

King Oscar II’s Chapel. Photo: Bernt Nilsen

How to get there

During the summer months, we recommend renting a car and driving from Kirkenes (56 km).

Follow the E6 from Kirkenes to Hesseng (4 km) and then turn left onto the E105. Before you reach Storskog, turn left onto route 886. The route is signposted from Hesseng.


During the winter months, organised snowmobile trips are runs for smaller groups.

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